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Another big day for Holly!  It started out with Rainie and Keltie joining her at the house for the morning.  The nice weather allowed for outdoor playtime that included chase, tug and fetch.  Holly and Keltie take turns at having the ball and chasing each other. Keltie tries so hard to catch up to Holly and I can see Holly glowing as they play.  She loves to be chased, which gets her in trouble at times – with me.   The highlight of the day was when Lana came after work.  We were not able to have her birthday dinner on her birthday and this was our next best date to get together.  Lana had her choice of menus and venues, choosing Chinese and preferring to order take out so we could eat at the house and include all the pets.  I don’t know if I could adequately describe the greeting Lana receives by Rainie, Holly and now Keltie too.  They all go absolutely ballistic with Lana. DeeAnn and I have to hold one (or more) back while the other gets their moment of  undivided attention.  It helps calm the situation down a tad and helps keep Lana upright.  Gracie doesn’t get in on the action until Lana nears the treat drawer. 

We ate and visited while the dogs played and napped.  Holly has been taking more naps lately, especially after her babysitting sessions.  Since playing with the puppy, Holly seems to be more calm and patient with Gracie.  Gracie ‘hangs’ out with her more and there is less chasing happening.  It seems the responsibility of tending to a young puppy is promoting some maturity in Holly. Until the ball rolls across the floor.