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4 months plus 1 day was busy for Miss Holly!

It started out with a bath in the PetSmart salon.  Both Rainie and Holly had a bath so they could smell pretty for Lanny & Mary later on in the day.   Rainie has been through the drill multiple times but this was Holly’s first time in the shower room, big tub and spray hose.  She did remarkably well.  It helped that she was tethered to the wall but nonetheless she was relatively still and patient with hose, lathering and towel drying.  We passed on the blow dryer, that seemed a bit too unnerving for her.  No need to rush it.

Later in the afternoon, Lanny and Mary visited and met Holly for the first time.  She was gifted with a great tug toy, put to test by her and Rainie immediately.  It was hard to tell who was more smitten with whom – Holly with Mary/Lanny or vice versa.  At one point, Holly was following Lanny around the house and sitting wherever he sat; and then next Holly was sitting with Mary soaking up all the loving and belly rubs she possibly could.   As we visited, Holly laid down patiently and slept.  No tugging, nipping, or zoomies.    My attempts to explain that Holly was not showing all her true colors fell on deaf ears.  They see her as an angel, complete with ‘angel wings’, per Mary the white markings above her shoulder blades.

Being an angel, especially a squeaky clean angel, must be exhausting as Holly was totalled spent at the end of the night.  She looked to be smiling even in her sleep! Another great Holly-Day!