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We had an extra special treat with Lanny & Mary visiting for the afternoon.  Helen managed to wiggle her way on to both of the new laps in the house, with some extra attention given to Lanny.  Holly eventually was allowed to join us and, as expected, commanded the couch and swarmed over Mary.  The ‘you are 23 months old lecture’ meant nothing to her today.  She had a new audience and wasted no time to show off her naughty self, full of tricks and teasing.  Mary’s gloves were a big hit, having to be rescued not once, not twice but three times from her slobbering mouth; and of course only after she engaged me in a ring-around-the-rosie escapade around the dining room table.   This was when she was finally allowed in the house and after she had dug a trench in the backyard, plopped her soccer ball in the hole and stood on top of it with a fearless conquering look on her face – looking at me through the window.  Never mind that I have a crabby cat in the house, it’s the happy active dog that keeps everyone on edge and sucks the oxygen out of the room!

I came across a cartoon that flippantly, but genuinely, describes the evolution of a golden retriever.  The early months show a darling puppy; the 36+ months age show a gorgeous well behaved golden.  Everything in between is a monster.   My fear is the cartoon is more accurate with its 36 month marker than the 24 month benchmark I have been hanging my hat on for the past 20 months.  Do I have to extend my hopes for the calm, mature, obedient golden another 12 months?   ‘It’s the journey not the destination.’ –  keeps running through my head.

I recall wondering how Holly would handle the change in seasons and no cabin visits.  My worries have subsided when I saw her rolling and sliding on the tiniest patch of snow while walking on the ball field.  She hung out on the snow for 10 minutes or more.  Appartently she’s adjusted and is ready for the snow.  I may as well join her, she’s going to pull me in eventually.   Just another lesson of Seize the Day!