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Today was a special day because I got to meet Holly’s little sister, Maggie!  Indeed, friends of Lana (Josh, Kris & Anna Glood) had decided they were ready to include a puppy into their home.  At the conclusion of their search, it ended with their adoption of a little golden retriever girl from Pride of the North Golden Retrievers, Holly’s breeder.  And, the best part is that Maggie has the same mother, Lady, and father, Otis, as Holly.  They are actual sisters albeit from separate litters.   Lana and I have been crawling out of our skin awaiting for this day!

Maggie truly is a sweetheart.  She has the most adorable puppy breath, gives kisses, goes exploring on her own and greets her family members with big sweeping tail wags.  She has resemblance of Holly yet her own individual look to her.  Boy did it take me back about 13 months!

Maggie has had only one set of shots so she could not meet Holly, Kooper or Helen – they were all tucked away in separate chambers of the house, including Gracie.     And Rainie & Keltie stayed outside away from the youngster.  The power of a puppy!

Holly and Kooper had their fair share of play time in the backyard, including time with the princess, Helen.  Anna was kind enough to leave her precious puppy to visit Holly and Kooper and experience the energy level of full grown happy dogs!  Holly was beside herself with having a young girl with her in the backyard, likely leaving Anna with skeptical thoughts about Maggie at 15 months! 

It was a treat to meet Maggie and spend time with the excited family on their very first day with their puppy!  I whispered to Maggie many times – ‘you scored!’!  She has a wonderful, caring and giving family to grow up with and it is apparent all parties are going to have a devoted and joyful life with each other.

And Holly will have opportunity to know and spend time with her very precious little sister!  

It feels like a storybook – The Golden Sisters – Holly & Maggie!