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This long winter makes reason to find some fun.  DeeAnn & I supported CHOICE, unlimited’s Masquerade Ball this week by attending and volunteering our help.  It made for a long kennel stay for Holly but she fared it just fine though she wasn’t interested in going from kennel to bed when I got home.  We played for a bit then we had some fun with the costume gear.  She got kinda it, posing and turning her head in various directions!  Oh, how she wanted to get a good hold on the black wig for some shaking and ripping!  The only safe spot I could find was on the highest shelf possible in the entryway, anywhere else would have been within the reach of her stretched out two legged stand! 

More snow coming, this on top of the already high banks in the backyard.  Holly can now step over the back fence, and has.  I opened the door and called her to come, then spotted her –  front feet on the fence with her looking straight at me with her body on the wrong side of the fence.  She was quite proud of herself and happy to tell me about her new findings.  It wasn’t a fluke because on the very next trip outside she went straight down the steps and up/over the fence to Dave’s yard. My only answer now is having a long tie out by the door and hook her up.  After the 10 inches coming tonight, I will decide if there in another answer.  More brainstorming needed, for both a short term and long term plan!