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 Holly had a quick trip to the cabin with time to partake in a few zoomies around the yard and a pontoon ride around the lake.  The water is so high that there is need for an extension from lakeshore to dock.  The extension is the ladder with planks placed on top.  It works quite well.  There is a bit of a wobble and a suspended feeling when you walk the plank, enough that Holly is concerned and refusing to walk on it.  Rainie dances right down it and calmly steps on the dock.  Holly takes a flying leap from lake to dock, bypassing the little bridge altogether.  She was a tad nervous while on the pontoon this time but did settle in for a nap in the nice warm sun on the pontoon floor.  

When we arrived back home, we both had the surprise of Matthew (nephew)  being there waiting for us.  Holly did a stepback when Matthew walked from living room to kitchen.  She’s not use to seeing men, particularly in our home.  It didn’t take long for Matthew’s calm and gentle demeanor to give her confidence and reassurance that she could be her bouncy self with a happy meet and greet.  Holly was equally excited to meet Kayla and took full advantage of having two new people around that were freshly amused with rescuing the toys she intentionally pushes under the couch and watches people do face plants on the floor to get them back. 

Our overnight guests had to spend their night in the basement due to the bathroom remodeling project underway.  In the early morning, Holly parked herself by the basement door sticking her nose through the kitty door and doing some long deep sniffing.  I considered opening the door and letting her be the alarm clock she was trying so hard to be but instead distracted her with some playtime in the living room.  The adrenaline must have been flowing because she ramped up quickly.  Her bounding across the creaky hardwood floors likely served as more of an alarm clock than letting her run loose into the basement.  Noone is immue, when in the house you are on Holly Time.