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Now I know how Holly feels when she gets a special treat!  We were treated with Matthew spending Saturday night at the house, then heading out to AJ’s graduation party on Sunday.  Things were a little chaotic when Matthew first came, but in time both Holly & Helen settled in.  Gracie went into hiding.  Holly’s eyes were extra wide with pride when she carried around Matthew’s shoes, first one then the other x 2 pairs!  She had to hold her head up higher so his long shoe wouldn’t touch the ground, round and round the dining room table and into the kitchen, back into the dining room for a few more rounds around the table.   We just kept chatting and she kept enjoying her imaginary game of chase. 

Sunday morning we all (Matthew & Helen, Holly & I) went for a walk on the Lakewalk.  There were some serious joggers there but also a few walkers that smiled at us as we passed each other.  A few of the smiles were bordering on smirks and I wondered if it was because I was walking a 55 pound Golden who was pulling me off stride and frequently getting corrected with a tug on her training collar while Matthew was walking a 14 pound Dachshund having no issues at all.   Regardless it was a beautiful morning for a walk and a memory making moment for me, hoping for Matthew too. 

Holly’s games continued later in the day when she was helping me plant flowers, in some cases the same flowers twice!   More teachable moments.  I should be learning by now.