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May Day 2024 brought my traditional surprise of May Day flowers on my front porch.  By traditional, I mean 23 years.   By surprise, I mean the flowers once again were placed on the front steps without the Ring doorbell, dachshound or golden retriever hearing or seeing a thing.  I truly don’t get it but have learned to let go of sleuthing and appreciate the incredibly kind act that my former neighbor continues to do for me. 

DeeAnn and I have started trusting the dogs at Old Main Park for a round of frisbee.  Rainie gets her share until it is time for her mandatory rest break because she will run after a frisbee nonstop.  Holly gets more than her fair share of frisbee tosses, often snagging them out of the air before it hits the ground.  Once Holly catches the frisbee, Keltie swoops in and takes it from Holly’s mouth, then brings it back to either DeeAnn for I.  Once again, the retriever chases and the border collie retrieves.  And then there is Helen – who simply shuts her eyes and ducks when you toss a frisbee her way.   She’s saving her energy for swimming!