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Summer’s highlight is our Sven Saw Sister’s trip to Ely.  Fall is our trip to Michigan.   Kristie & Dan have generous friends who open their cabin to us for a week-end, dogs allowed!  It is this cozy cabin on the shores of Lake Superior outside of Ontanogan, Michigan.  Beach, beach and more beach – which to Holly, Keltie and Rainie means run, run and more running.   Holly in particular is in perpetual motion and her smiles show that she is in her heaven.

Our trip wasn’t all beach time.  We took some car rides, walked some trails and had our best friends around for great conversation, games and fine food.  I’m having thoughts that Holly may struggle with motion sickness.  On our second day of travel she showed signs of discomfort with heavy panting and pacing in the backseat.  We suspected she needed a potty stop, but that didn’t resolve it, nor did drinking water or eating treats.  Any time she was out of the car, all was fine.  In the car, the panting and pacing began, unlike herself normally.  We even thought perhaps she had eaten something on the beach and had a belly ache.  Now I’m wondering if she is filled with anticipation that our next stop is going to bring her back to the beach.  

When in someone elses home, you follow the house rules.  House rules at the cabin prohibit dogs on the furniture.  This is a culture shock for our dogs but after a good run on the beach, they were all fairly compliant with nestling in to their own beds on the floor.  It can be comical though to see how they keep trying and/or asking to join us on the couch.  Holly rested her head on the couch, rolling her eyes to look at me in hopes of a different answer.  It didn’t take long and her eyes were shut, taking a quick cat nap before turning back to lay down on the floor.  Rainie, the opportunistic, snuck up on the futon bed and couldn’t comprehend that ‘down’ meant to the floor,  instead believing it must mean to move further down the couch – on three requests!  DeeAnn clarified it for her.

Our homecoming was happy as well.  Helen had a vacation too!   Lana & Kooper were kind enough to spend time with Gracie and Helen while we were away.  Anytime Helen is with those two she is in her happy place!  Totally smitten!  It was the Helen and Holly show when we came through the door.  There was circling, scrambling, tail wagging and barking – and that was before I could get them outside!   They both had plenty to share about their vacation experiences.  And when all was said and done, all of us snuggled in and slept, dreaming of our moments in our own heaven.