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Hollly, Helen & I were blessed with a visit from Mitchell & Caylee for the week-end.  There is nothing finer than having people who are equally as much dog people as us!  This was especially fortunate given I also had Rainie & Keltie staying with me on Saturday evening.  

DeeAnn joined us at the start of the day when we opened the doors at Warrior Brewery.   DeeAnn had a family gathering in the cities to attend, Mitchell & Caylee & I continue on to Ursa Minor and Castle Danger for a few more bumps and woodfired pizza.  Holly, Helen, Rainie, Keltie and Gracie were waiting at home upon our return and showed their own version of being buzzed!  I tried to control the introductions to two at a time, even that had the roof shaking.  Once the transition had phased itself out, we could co-exist in the house more managably.  Holly & Keltie played in the center stage while the others took turns getting attention from anyone of the three of us.  Even Gracie got into the game and made her way over to Mitchell’s lap.  He has no idea how high he ranks by earning her trust!  Holly was the last one standing, though barely, trying to engage Caylee with the ‘my-ball-is-under-the-couch’ game while her (Holly’s not Caylee’s) head was bobbing because her eyes were closing.  

Mitchell & Caylee came to Duluth to get away from their busy work routine for awhile.  Little did they know they would be sharing their time and space with four dogs and a cat, but as is always the case – they went with the flow and seemed to enjoy every moment of it and in doing so, made all of our week-end filled with special memories and story telling material!   I predict Holly’s next greeting will be just as wild as this one, and I can’t blame her!