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We were blessed with special guests this week-end!  Mitchell & Caylee were in town for a wedding and stayed at the house.  What a treat for me to have quality time with each of them – sharing stories and catching up on our current lives and interests.  Fortunately for me (and them), they are dog people and were exceptionally tolerant with the chaos, pet hair and spoiled behaviors within this residence. 

I started both Holly & Helen out in crates upon Mitchell & Caylee’s arrival, had I not done that it is a bit scary to think of the excitement that would have erupted.  Helen was introduced to the special guests first, then Holly.  Caylee was so kind and patiently stated – ‘Holly has a lot of energy’ – as we are trying to get her to keep her feet on the floor!  It’s hard to scold happiness. Mitchell & Caylee took safety on the couch and I held Holly back, gradually creeping in closer.  Holly’s chaos barometer dropped a few notches and I let her go.  Then grabbed her.  Then let her go.  Then grabbed her.  Then let her go.  Eventually she settled in always finding a way to keep our guests engaged in her choice of games – the ball.  Caylee masterfully used a page from Holly’s playbook and kept Holly engaged in following a sequence of commands, ball as the reward.  It gave Holly a sense of focus and brought her energy level down significantly.  Meanwhile Helen was busy going from lap to lap getting gentle loving from the people that Holly was desperately trying to greet with a full body blow.

Both of the dogs were instantly comfortable with Mitchell & Caylee.  It was apparent each of the dogs have an intuitive sense in recognizing awesome and incredible people!  Time together went fast and felt short but as evidenced by Holly’s smile in the picture – the visit brought immeasurable amounts of joy!

Thank you Mitchell & Caylee!  You made a lot of hearts happy, plenty of smiles happen and a couple of tails get a big time wagging workout!