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I don’t do much when it comes to decorating for Halloween, though I get tempted at times when I see reels of adorable pets in costume.   Holly and Helen have no idea how today could have gone for them.  With no thanks from them, both felt fully justified to stand stiff legged with a sour look on their face because I put winter coats on them.   It was our first snowfall of the season making for a chilly Halloween and with it being November tomorrow  I brought out Holly’s winter coats from last year.  If Holly was a teen-ager I would be giggling about her flood pants.  Her coat barely covers her rib cage down her back.  Helen is sporting Holly’s very first puppy jacket.  She has the Marilyn Monroe look while drowning in buffalo plaid.   This isn’t a house that will do well with hand-me-downs.

An even more costume experience came on Sunday when we went to the cabin.  I was more prepared for hunting safety this time – both of the golden girls were decked out in bright colors – Holly with Boden’s old red jacket hanging around her neck due to the gripless velcro; and Helen with her pink fur-lined hooded jacket.  I’m not sure what Tess had in mind with the pink jacket that has Helen looking like a long nosed lion cub – maybe it was a Halloween costume, maybe it was for her evening winter walks  – I’m not sure, it was new to me.  I do know that Helen is wishing the pink jacket had gotten tossed instead of some of her worn out, threadless toys. 

Not to worry!  Shopping for jackets is a weakness of mine.  Indeed, as Holly & Helen are bemoaning because they are trying on one jacket,   I am thinking it can’t be winter yet because I haven’t had chance to wear all my Fall jackets.  

Next up is boots!