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Holly and I had the pleasure to have Mojo visit us and stay a couple nights.  Mojo may not call it a pleasure, but he did adjust and seem to come around and enjoy the visit.  Mojo isn’t as interested in puppy play as Holly, despite Holly’s coaxing.  There were a few brief moments of dart and dash but mostly it was a tuck and ignore strategy by Mojo.  Holly eventually accepted the rejection and agreed to be a companion buddy, not a playmate.

It was a busy Saturday around the house as Adam and Karwin were here putting in a split unit air conditoner for me.  Holly & Mojo both entertained the guys as they worked during the install. Holly successfully got Adam to retrieve the ball from underneath the fence; while Mojo tried very hard to convince someone/anyone that he needed to get into the garage, presumably for a car ride back to his own home.

On Friday morning, Holly & I took a drive to Comstock Lake to help with the Fall/Winter preparation at the cabin.  Holly & Keltie were in full play mode, whether it be chase, dodge, swim, or wrestling.  The phrase ‘perpetual motion’ comes to mind when these two are playing together.  Keltie is 11 pounds, Holly about 55 pounds. I don’t think they realize the difference, or care.  They just play, and love each other with no qualms about breed or size.  It’s so refreshing!