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On beautiful Fall days, DeeAnn can always find some last minute thing to get done at the cabin, which means more cabin fun for the dogs.  They know enough to stay out of the cold water so that means lots and lots of running, chasing and exploring in the yard (sometimes the neighbor’s yard too).  One has to wonder how many loops dogs can run in one yard and I have to believe the answer is infinity.  Holly was decked out in a red bandana to minimize risk of an identity issue.  It’s not deer hunting season but it is bird hunting season.  Hunting is hunting in my book.

Cousin Kooper sent a selfie picture that he himself had taken while Lana’s phone sat in the car with him.  Holly was not as talented or opportunistic but she did pose for me as I placed the phone strategically for a selfie.  It’s a look I often see as she hovers over me while I do my floor exercises.  Why these poses make me grin so much, I don’t know.   I suspect in time there will be selfie floor buttons for dogs that will be hot trending items.   For Lana & I,  been there and done that!

Holly’s name of Holly Dolly is used sporadically, probably moreso by DeeAnn & I in the backyard when playing with her.  My neighbors (Donna, Diane & John) have heard us call her Holly Dolly often and they also use her full name at times.   I had a short visit with them today in their home, looking at new kitchen cupboards recently done.  Donna pointed out a new wall hanging and said they had found it at the Holly Dolly.  My quick grin helped her realize something was amiss and it took both Donna & Diane a few moments to come up with the correct store, Hobby Lobby.  It made for a good chuckle and some light hearted laughter, just another way for Holly to bring much needed joy into our day to day lives.

Holly has been attending dog school each Thursday evening.  She is settling in now, not nearly as interested in the other dogs and beginning to understand that we are there for a purpose – to execute and follow through.  Now if I could just keep up with her ability to learn.