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A new set of grandkids were at Donna, Diane & John’s this evening making it a great evening for Holly Dolly.   Daphney and Ivy were tougher sells for Holly. They were attracted to her, no doubt – but Rainie caught their eye.  She was ‘calmer’!  It didn’t take long to learn that Rainie is a frisbee dog. Holly is a ball dog.   The girls were wearing dresses as earlier in the day it was their great-grandmother’s funeral.  I cautioned they may get dirty but they said in unison that it didn’t matter anymore.  Rainie and DeeAnn both had their full attention while Holly tried to capture it.  By the end of the evening, Holly had her full share of attention and exercise.  Indeed, she came up with a slight limp so she had to pull out of the game early. 

The kids certainly brightened her day and spirits.  Giving the extra step of diaper off/diaper on at the door with each entry and exit, her outdoor time is reduced to need vs want.  Holly has eased into wearing her diapers comfortably.  She stands still, allows me to place her legs in the briefs and slide her tail through the cut out hole.   A part of me thinks she likes wearing them, knowing that it keeps her cleaner and distracts her from what is happening back there.  3 days down.  18 more to go.