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Mother’s Day 2024 was a gorgeous spring day with temp’s in the mid 70’s!  Yardwork and barbecuing filled the day resulting in nearly a full day of outdoor time for Holly & Helen.  ‘Daylight in the swamp’ is the phrase that comes to mind this evening.  Gracie is the only one that looks alive and looks a bit confused having two passed out dogs with neither giving her the time of day, even with a few taunting walkby’s.

Saturday was cabin day with the camper going up and the storage shed getting restocked with paints, bird seed and ‘whatnot’.  The grounds are still wet and soggy from the rains and frost thaw.  The dogs find the soft ground great for sliding and landing, and I think they believe the puddles are strategically placed for their own puddle sludging agility course.  The lake provides the bathwater for frequent freshening up sessions.  Helen just swims in the lake, no messy puddles for her – that’s not her thing at all. 

DeeAnn often says ‘there’s nothing like a tired dog’.  It’s true.  And combine that with a week-end of outdoor air and projects getting done –  all makes for a house filled with content.  Let the summer begin!