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Killers of the Flower Moon won all sorts of awards and after watching it, I can understand why.  DeeAnn and I were mesmerized with the movie and it gnawed at me the following day.  They say that is the sign of a good movie, when it sticks with you and haunts your thoughts for days after.   Determining, defining and defending basic human rights has always been a part of America’s history, in some ways we have come so far, and yet in other ways we have not.  My big take away from the movie is that – this will always be a work in process.

Civility happened in my home however, despite 4 dogs who have been cooped up for a week and 1 cat who enjoys stirring the pot periodically.  DeeAnn had another training session, repeat lessons in ‘Take it’ and ‘Hold it’ and also time for each of the dogs with the interactive treat dispensing game. 

I mentioned previously Gracie was doctoring and under observation for her litter box behavior.  She had her return visit to the vet this week and her labs were beautiful, no outliers and all within normal limits.  Apparently Gracie’s prior abnormal results were due to her holding her urine for lengthy spells to avoid going into the litter box – the litter box that she felt was laced with something to different for her to trust.  My attempts to find a litter that was less dusty, less tracking and yet proven to be healthy for both cats and humans had failed because I had failed to consult with Queen Gracie in advance.  She was not interested in changing anything about her personal hygiene routine.  Say no more.   I conceded – her former litter (sWheat Scoop) is back!  However, I am trying to transition her to a new litter box – a self cleaning one.  To date, there has been mild success.  I’m not fully sold on Gracie’s approval and acceptance yet.  More to come. 

The dogs don’t get choices, they are directed and expected to adapt.   And they did well together during the overnight stays.  It was cold outside, too cold for them to play for any length of time.  Inside they would play but settled in nicely while we watched the movie.  The less we engaged with them, the less interested they were in playing.  Their calmest time was when DeeAnn was sleeping, they all followed suit and took the opportunity to snooze as well!   It helped having all the balls and squeaky toys put away on the shelf.  Their (meaning Keltie & Holly) indoor toys are tug toys and chew sticks, anything else seems to elevate energy to an outside level.  Helen & Rainie are more interested in napping and eating treats whenever possible.   Keltie, Rainie and Holly are all interested in Gracie, particularly when she struts through the living room daring any of them to charge until they do, then she bolts and leaps to higher ground.  If she could chatter like a squirrel, I’m not sure she would.  Her jeeringly look down on them says it all, no sound effect needed.  Minimum necessary, maximum effect!