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 Holly is a good canine citizen!  She passed her evaluation and has her blue ribbon!  There was a time when the thought of her achieving this felt the same as me running a 5 minute mile!   I’m proud of her & I!   We committed to attending class every week for eight weeks as well as doing our training at home.  There were ups and downs, lags and lunges – in training time and confidence both.  Persistence pays off!

I pondered for a while on ‘what’s next?’ for Holly.  I do not foresee myself doing dog obedience trials with her but I do see us going into public facilities and/or public events.  For this, I want an obedient dog and her to be confident, communicative and calm.  I enrolled her in Novice Class, beginning late April!   As you progress through the class listing, the expectations also progress.  I see another lesson of ‘Persistence’ in our future!