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Tomorrow is the magical 21 day mark from Holly’s spay/gastropexy surgery, the day she is officially free from restrictions and released to full play duty!  She is ready.  And so is Keltie.   I’m not certain when the two will get together but you can be sure it is going to be an explosive and happy reunion! 

The restricted time has not been wasted.  Holly and I have spent time on the floor playing each evening, multiple versions of rolling a ball back and forth with an occasional toss.  She continues to challenge herself by pushing the ball under the couch, then trying to squeeze her legs underneath and pinch it back to her with her paws.  If the ball gets too far out of reach, she asks for my help.  Initially she would bark, an obnoxious sharp bark, and demand my help.  I’ve tried to tone that down and now she will come to me, touch my hand/knee with her paw, and return to where the ball is stuck.  I accept this as politely asking with a please and will immediately get up to go help her.  I’m still up and down often during the evening, but that’s not a bad thing and each time I feel like she and I have been successful in having an understanding conversation. 

Holly had plenty of company over the week-end  when my Girls Group, the Sven Saw Sisters, were here for our annual Christmas gathering.  We had dinner, drinks and movie night followed by a breakfast and more conversation the following morning.  Holly and Keltie took turns in the kennel (sometimes sharing the kennel) to minimize the amount of play time they could launch into.  It made for a more peaceful movie watching experience also. 

Today Holly & I shopped at PetCo.  She received a few head rubs, shake-a-paw’s and treats.  She’s quite fond of chew sticks and I am trying to find the one that is healthy, safe, long-lasting and clean.  I don’t know if one meets the requirements but she is enjoying testing them all out.   Mary has me involved with a 30 day yoga challenge, each day doing a different routine following along via YouTube.  Holly was overjoyed with the idea of me moving around on the floor.  I needed her distracted so resorted to chewsticks which has worked fabulously in teaching her to pay no mind to me, most of the time.  There are still times when my downward facing dog includes her crawling under me and becoming an upward facing dog.  It’s pretty hard to scold her for that, leastwise not with a straight face.  Yoga is about going with the flow, I get my practice at that often.