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Birthdays bring birthday parties and Holly had another one, this time with all the cousins and Lana, Adam & DeeAnn.  It made for a busy backyard, busy living room and busy basement because wherever we were, they were.  Keltie and Kooper met for the first time and being the gentle soul that Kooper is, he had another puppy hovering and hanging off his big body.   Lana brought gifts, a big hit with Holly.  Her joy in getting a gift is celebrated by first walking around the living area carrying it in her mouth, unopened, showing everyone what is now hers.   One gift was a bag of Birthday Cake treats, shared amongst her pup guests – and one curious cat, Gracie, who snubbed her nose after the first whiff.   Another gift was the fancy and functional dog booties, as on display in the picture.  Holly was relatively compliant and patient when putting them on.  She made a fair attempt to model them by standing up and walking, feet getting raised 8-10 inches high and legs kicking out like a bucking mule.   Our cheering gave her a bit more confidence to continue on, in time she had somewhat of a normal gait.   More to come on how the outside experience turns out!

The party also included a weigh-in, only dogs participated.  Keltie, 24.  Rainie, 35.  Holly, 58.  Kooper, 61.   A healthy & happy bunch of heroes! 

Holly has decided being one is fun.