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Routines are changing with the change in season.  I’m searching for new walking trails and new experiences for Holly and Helen.  They love to be busy for the whole day and if they are not, I feel four eyes burning holes through me.  They let me know when they are bored! 

To add some spice to life we frequent PetCo, PetSmart and Home Depot.  I don’t take both in at the same time, which created some pouting antics from whomever was left behind in the car.  They have gone through it enough now where ‘taking turns’ seems to be understood and accepted.  At least the whining and fussing once the door is shut in their face has stopped.  

Exploring new walking trails has been interesting.  At St. Scholastica we came across a roofed platform which was perfect for a game of ‘school’.  They weren’t as amused as I was.    With Forest Hills gating off their entrance at 4:00 p.m. (winter hours), we are going to St. Scholastica more frequently, sometimes to Church lots or UMD parking lots – wide open spaces with good lighting is the theme.  

Home routines are in flux too.  There is less time in the backyard, more time in the living room.  That leads to any sort of mind-bender game that forces some focus and fun!  Find It has become a favorite.  Both will sit and wait in the kitchen while I stroll through the living room hiding treats.  When the command is given, the race is on!   I have to plant a few treats in Helen’s path so she can get more than 1-2.  Little Miss Manners has to chew her food thoroughly, giving Holly a free path to hoover up all the hidden treats.   We’ve also been working on ‘Sit Pretty’ where they sit on their back haunches.  Holly has better balance than Helen, or maybe it’s the bigger butt!   Then of course there is the challenge of balancing a treat on the bridge of their nose!  Helen has advantage on that one.  

One can never prepare enough for staying stimulated in the winter!  It’s good we have each other!