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One year ago today, Holly came home!  She has been a resident at 2125 E 5th St for one full year.  When I started this blog my goal was that I would have a historical account of Holly’s puppyhood, documentation of her activities, experiences and growth.  Mission accomplished!  There have been numberous times already where I have looked back in the blog to remind myself of where we went, who she saw, or when an incident happened.  I’ve decided to continue the blog another year, documenting Holly’s youthful but adolescent stage.  For nostalgic sake, I’ve included a picture below of Holly last January.   She was so stinking cute and today still is, in her playful and youthful way. 

This winter of snow has been a heavenly delight to Holly.  I enjoy it because she does.   Fence hurdling continues to be a concern, especially now that she has had two successful leaps – one to see the girls next door and another recently when she suddenly joined me in the front yard while I was shoveling steps.  So far she is only interested in joining the purpose of her mission, and so far that has only been the girls and myself.   I’m hoping for an early spring thaw that will take the snow down about a foot.    

Holly and I walk around the campus of St. Scholastica periodically.   That is where the picture was taken of the 15+ foot high snowbank was taken.  Holly would have kept climbing the bank had the lead not come to an end.  

There’s just so much for her to look at, so much to do, so much to learn!  In this dance of life, I’m not sure if I’m holding her back or if she is pulling me forward!