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Holly is less than 11 months old and has visited 3 states, Keltie is less than 5 months and has visited 5.  This week-end was the Girls cabin trip to Ontonagon, Michigan.  Fortunately Rainie, Holly and Keltie are all girls so they were invited to come along.

The cabin sits on edge of Lake Superior with nothing but beach for miles going both directions.  Rainie, Holly & Keltie ran up and down, criss crossing and zig zagging and were in total heaven the whole time.  The wicked winds and occasional rain made no difference to them but did to us.  Some of our beach time was cut short, probably a good thing because it gave the puppies some forced down time.  Down time also was held in the car with some long rides on each of the days.  Holly & Rainie shared the back seat, Keltie in her crate in the far back.  These little girls were all road warriors.  They didn’t fuss at all and were content with an occasional treat and periodic potty stop.

Their cabin behavior was commendable as well.  Holly was an awesome babysitter with Keltie.  Most of the time their playing was relatively quiet and while laying down.  If a game of chase erupted we would give a reminder and redirect, then all was civil again. Needless to say, there were some tired dogs by nightfall.  All slept well until Holly’s internal clock told her it was 6:00 (which really surprised me given we crossed into Eastern timezone) and she would be licking faces telling others it was time to begin another magical day.

Holly has been a bit melancholy since getting back home to Duluth.  Part of this may be fatigue from the big trip, though I am suspecting a part is the letdown of leaving such a wonderful playground behind.  She sits and stares at me, holding her ball.  I can see the look in her eyes – the disappointment of not having her own private beach to race around on and realizing she again has to settle with playing fetch with her mother.