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There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.  – Jim Henson

I have to be careful not to say the name ‘Rainie’ in front of Holly unless it is certain Rainie will be at the door.   At the sound of Rainie, Holly lights up and races to the nearest door.  If nothing is happening there, she races to the other door.  It takes awhile for her to settle back down if it is a false alarm, and her disappointment is heartbreaking to see.

Holly and Rainie’s friendship is fresh and new and old all wrapped into one.  They seem to have known each other for years.  For a 5 1/2 month puppy that has to be the most comforting feeling in the world.

I’ve been lifting Holly in and out of my SUV but now that she is reaching the 45 pound mark it is getting to be more challenging.  Not with getting into the car, she & I have that down pat.  She places her front paws on the seat, I scoop up the back end and in she goes.  It’s what Boden and I did for his last few years.  Getting out of the car has become a different story.  Holly use to walk over to me and I would scoop her under the belly and place her on the ground, off she would go.  Lately, she is reluctant, sits down and/or backs up, making for an awkward lift and exit.  I’ve never come close to dropping her so I am a little baffled.  She may sense her size and my strength are reaching their max, or perhaps I am squeezing her differently in my scoop.  The jump down is a drop of about 20 inches, fully doable by her when confident in doing so.  I’m not sure if I’m in a rush for her to be jumping that height onto a concrete garage floor.  So I’ve purchased a ramp.  Holly wasn’t impressed on the first exposure.  I will save the next lesson for Rainie.  Once her hero, Rainie,  walks up and down the ramp into the car a few times, I am trusting that Holly will be doing the same.

My other recent purchase was a MudBuster.  Katie, my dear friend and owner of three dogs, recommended it.  A godsend!  Fortunately Holly is relaxed and compliant with putting her paw into the cup, though a bit befuddled with the purpose.  This serves two purposes.  One, it magically cleans Holly’s feet.  And two, it gives me that deep satisfaction I get when I see dirty water after performing a cleaning task.  I think of all that dirt that is not on my floors! 

I’m hoping the ramp initiation goes as well as the MudBuster cup.