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Holly continues to grow each day, if not each hour.  She’s not to bummed that she has outgrown her first jacket.  She doesn’t know I have a couple adult sized ones stashed in the basement ready for a late spring snowstorm or perhaps not until next year.

Holly had a busy day today.  We visited our friends Tess & Helen, who took us to meet their neighbors who are grieving the recent loss of their dog.  They were happy to see Holly and Helen and it brought them moments of joy and  provided opportunity to share stories about their dear dog.   

DeeAnn came by in the afternoon and provided backyard fun for both Rainie and Holly.  Holly has learned the command ‘Holly, Come’.  I”m certain she will be selective with when she chooses to knows it versus not.  But as of now, she will not follow me into the house.  She sits on a snowbank in protest posture and not budging for all the former phrases (Let’s Go, Come On Girl, etc).  I have to say ‘Holly, Come’ then she charges to me and waits for her treat.   At 13 weeks old she is negotiating her compliance and payment terms with me. 

DeeAnn and Holly had another round of ‘wingy,wingy’!  It’s get harder each time for DeeAnn to hold her up but Holly’s love of it isn’t changing!  All this growth within just short five weeks! 

On our walk tonight, Holly met Sonny, a neighborhood dog about her size, as of today anyway.  The interaction went very well meaning Sonny was patient with Holly’s exurberance.   I left feeling good about her meeting a new friend and not ticking him off. 

So in total, Holly met two new people, one new dog and had play sessions with both Rainie and Helen.  Plus a car ride!  A good Holly-Day!