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The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.

I remember when it was ‘picture day’ at school.  I would have to wear special clothes and Mom would make certain I had a haircut, which is quite evident when you look at my school pictures.  Today was picture day for Holly, and I had my chance to be Mom!  No clothing or haircuts involved, but Holly had a snowbath and a good brushing.  She was fed and pottied and all her toys were lined up like soldiers on the living room floor.

Friends,  Trudy and Kandi, arrived and Holly went into high drive mode.  In a matter of minutes, their neck scarfs were removed and hung high, boots were put on the bench, camera lens caps and bags were tucked away on the couch and eyeglasses were rescued and placed back on top of the head.  I don’t believe there was any bloodshed from puppy bites, or they were both to kind to say so.   In midst of that, I could hear a lot of ‘clicks’.  I know I saw Trudy smiling a lot, near giggling, and then say ‘it’s blurry’.   My cat, Gracie, shocked me and joined the party by coming into the room and perch herself on the ottoman.  This helped calm Holly down, she knows Gracie doesn’t like high energy.  Trudy was happy to see Gracie, it gave her chance to use her camera at normal speed, on Gracie.  I always enjoy my time with these two amazing ladies, the laughs and stories are endless.   I think today gave us some material to laugh about for years to come.   And a huge thank you to both of them for the time and skill they shared today.  Trudy is a gifted photographer, specializing in animals – Vrieze Photography.  I’m excited to see the outcome from today’s heroics!

A near milestone to the day was with Rainie.  She attempted to play with Holly today.  After all the pleading and prompting from Holly to play, once Rainie did her playful pounce and woof – Holly ran away and didn’t want anything to do with her.  It wasn’t her kind of play but the two of them will figure it out and I know they are going to become wonderful playmates and friends.  On their clock and in their own way.