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Holly has had the luxury of having consecutive play dates with Rainie & Helen.  Rainie & Helen are of similar age, around the 10 year mark.  Rainie plays with Holly more than Helen but she is also able to hold her own against the clumsy puppy.  Little Helen is more vulnerable thus she is more snooty about engaging in any roughhousing.  Helen and Holly have had their tender moments though and are often found laying next to each other or doing some safe couch play. 

I’m finding Holly has a witching hour in the early evening hours, around dusk.  This is when the zoomies begin, rugs get turned every which way, toys are flipped in the air and both Gracie & I sit back and watch.  I’ve learned this last about 15 – 20 minutes and is followed by a trip outside for a potty break, then a collapse into her soft bed by the back door.  I look forward to spring and summer when ‘witching hour’ can be held outdoors. 

DeeAnn has been playing ‘wingy,wingy’ with Holly since she came home at 8 weeks.  It is quite obvious that Holly enjoys it.  If she could figure out how to crawl into position on DeeAnn’s legs, I think she would be doing so every day!  It’s fun to look back at the pictures to see the differences in size, initially Holly’s head didn’t go past DeeAnn’s knees and now Holly & DeeAnn can lock eyes with each tilting their head.  

I’m a fan of walking at Forest Hill Cemetery, did so during my days with Bailee as well as Boden.  Holly has been introduced now as well.  Today’s walk provided plenty of water puddles which she didn’t find too amusing.  I suspect that will change.  Holly has known nothing but snow and that is what she wants to be in and walk on.  As I walk the paved trail, I hold a dog leash that stretches out to a dog walking along the top of a snowbank.  The snow is melting plus she is getting heavier – there were plenty of sinking moments during today’s walk.  She didn’t seem to care, so I didn’t either.  Makes for a good night’s sleep tonight! 

I’m ready to transition from winter to spring.  Today’s temps were in the upper 40’s, driving up the itch of spring fever.  Holly’s portfolio of ‘first’s’ is going to expand with the onset of spring.  It’s a bonus for me – to feel the freshness and see the growth of spring plus watch it through the eyes of a puppy who hasn’t even walked through mud or rolled in green grass yet.   So much life in the simplest moments of spring.