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The highlight of today wasn’t until the evening.  The first night of Puppy Class started today at Twin Ports Dog Training.   DeeAnn spent 25+ years volunteering as a dog trainer here and basically developed the Puppy Class curriculum.  She’s retired now but is very well familiar with the Club’s happenings yet.   I took Bailee through the class, then Boden and now Holly.   It’s a good way for puppies & owners to get more exposure and start learning the basics.  

Holly was clueless when I pulled into the parking lot.  We were early so I just parked and tried to get myself prepared for what was about to begin.   As dogs started showing up outside, Holly perked up and began to show interest in the strange location.  The time finally came for Holly to get out of the car.  It didn’t take her long to learn where the entrance was, she had been scoping out the place.  Needless to say, Holly was all about the puppies.  Occasionally as we passed a person, she would give a quick glance and a bit of a hello then it was full focus to the next puppy.  She was most interested in the smaller dogs and took an immediate shine to a little sheltie named Callie.  Two lab puppies walked into the building late and caught Holly’s eye right away.  She had to go greet these big guys that looked like her buddy Kooper. The night had a mix of socializing via meet & greets, lecture time and breaks.   Class is about an hour.  After the variations of playing, getting up & down off the mat, her pulling and my holding back, both Holly and I were ready to go home.  We made a quick stop so she could go potty, then she laid down and was sound asleep the rest of the way. 

When Holly got into the house she went straight to the living room and laid amongst her toys, holding the smallest one in her mouth.  For the longest time, she laid like this with a dazed la-la look on her face.   I made the call that it was an early bedtime.  She didn’t object at all.  

There are no pictures from the class.  My hands were grasping a leash all night.  Back for more next Monday, and another chance to get a photo.