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Keltie has been hanging out with Holly, Gracie & I for the past few days while DeeAnn recovers from her knee surgery.   One would think that I would not be getting anything done but this is not the case!  Holly is such a good babysitter, as is Keltie.  The two of them entertain each other continously.  Whether inside or outside they are playing, wrestling or chasing each other.  I’m not sure what the rules of the games are, but they apparently do.  Certain corners of the yard are safe zones and once Keltie gets there, Holly cannot touch her.  Some toys trigger a game of chase with Holly chasing Keltie, other toys trigger Keltie to chase Holly.  Inside is more of the same.  It is constant.  If there is a respite it is because a meal occurred and they are in mandatory time out; or they have reached a point of exhaustion.  Typically Keltie is the last dog standing. 

If you call one dog, you get two.  Holly, who generally is not at all interested in being on my bed, jumps up on the bed with Keltie without hesitation.  When I call Holly to the bathroom to get her teethbrushed, I turn around to find two dogs standing patiently in line for their personal hygiene moment. 

Holly was clambering something around in her mouth and upon inspection it was Keltie’s AirTag that had popped out of the holder on her collar.  I had to chuckle thinking about how the AirTag tracker would read if Holly had swallowed it.  And what sounds would come from her when the sound notification was engaged!

Keltie went home for part of the afternoon.  I smiled when we got back to the house and Holly went to the couch and took a long nap, but I really chuckled when DeeAnn called and said that Keltie was sound asleep and had not moved since I left.  I guess our energizer bunnies do get tired, just not when they are together and squeezing out every second of possible play time.  Make every moment count, hard to argue with that!