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This week has been all about the backyard.  It’s also been the hottest temperatures of the summer but with Duluth’s very own air conditioner, also known as Lake Superior, you know there is always a cool breeze coming soon.   Holly & Helen are fortunate to live near the lake because neither enjoy the heat yet neither want to give up their outdoor time willingly. 

A friend/contractor joined me for a day of working on the fence in the backyard.  I went back and forth on whether I should add a layer to the top to prevent Holly from launching off snowbanks and landing in the neighbors yard; or adding a layer to the bottom to minimize chance of Helen scooting under.  I opted for the bottom layer, hoping Duluth’s record breaking snowfall of 140 inches won’t repeat itself in the near future.  A bottom border mainly serves as a barrier for Holly’s toys to stay in the appropriate yard.   We did reserve one open spot, a Holly Hole,  on both sides of the yard to serve as a ball chute so the kids (sometimes adults) can still play fetch with her. 

Backyard projects also included the assembly and placement of a raised garden bed.  Of course Holly thought this was great fun – the addition of fresh dirt and hanging out in her favorite ‘push the ball under the fence’ corner.  I couldn’t help but gloat once the dirt was packed, the rubber pavers down, the raised bed standing and Holly having no corner openings to roll and push her ball into Dave’s yard.  I fear my gloating will be short lived.  I have seen Holly scope out the fenceline seemingly calculating her next method for stirring up chaos between the two yards.  I’m conceding the one open Holly Hole.  Time will tell if she accepts the compromise. 

Helen seems to enjoy the new raised garden bed because it provides a new cool spot for her to lay down, off of the grass and with a full view of the backyard and the back door steps.   And away from Holly’s Hole.