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April has been a quiet month of transitioning into a new season.  Winter often provided a springlike feeling, creating high expectations for the traditional spring season.   The result hasn’t been exceptionally wonderful but hasn’t been horrifically terrible either.  I am routinely wearing spring jackets now, winter ones have been washed and put away.   The backyard grass is trying to turn green despite the wear-n-tear from frantic dog feet on the wet ground from the frost going out.

Our walks on the softball field have had to end since ball players have started outdoor practices.  As an alternative we have made our way to Bethel Cemetery.  It’s a small, well kept little cemetery that has little to no traffic.  There is room for the dogs to run freely and we toss frisbees to help keep their interest limited to a general section.   Rainie has been the frisbee queen for many years now.  Keltie and Holly are both catching on to the sport.  Holly is starting to track the spin and catch it mid-air. She runs hard to track the frisbee down and attempt the grasp but if it lands on the ground she doesn’t see it as her job to return it.  Rainie, the herding dog, is trying to show Holly, the retriever, how to finish her job.  It’s so fitting that Holly would be all-in for the ‘play’ phase and lay-low for the ‘work’ phase.

April has also brought the start of the next Rally Class.  I pondered on whether I should enroll in another session.  Both the instructor and DeeAnn encouraged me to do so.  It does give Holly an adventure each week and requires her to be focused on commands and compliant behavior.  She still has reservations with the jumps but after I stepped over the jump with her a few times, she did a couple jumps willingly over the bar – when set at 12 inches.   Most of the learning is on me.  I still draw a blank when I look at signs that have more than three commands drawn into the image.   I freeze while I study the image, and Holly stares up waiting for me to get my act together.   She’s ok with it – it’s what we do for each other!