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This is primarily Holly’s blog but somedays she has to step back and let life’s highlights take their turn.  March 15 marks the one year anniversary of our dear friend, Tessie’s passing.   Her sidekick, Helen, has gone more than a year without seeing her first mom.  It’s hard to know what Helen thinks, remembers or feels about the loss of her mom but it is apparent that she has not forgotten Tessie’s family.  DeeAnn, Kristie, Georgette, Helen & I got together with Susie (Tess’ sister), Katie & Josie (Tess’ nieces), and Madaleine and her little sister (great nieces).  Helen’s tail about fell off and she whimpered and cried with delight.  All of their smiles said as much as Helen’s wagging tail.  They are so appreciative that Helen joins us for our gatherings.  I want Helen to remember her first family and hope it brings the same warm feelings I get, those that come with Tess memories.

We met at Wibert Cafe, where Tess waitressed during her high school years.  She loved going there.  It happened to be fish fry Friday as well as meat raffle night. It didn’t take long for Tess to join us and show her pleasure with her family and dear friends being together.  She spread some angel dust and brought DeeAnn’s number out of the hat for the meat raffle – two large racks of bbq ribs.  DeeAnn let out a holler that no doubt Tess heard even at her highest elevation!

I will be out of commission for the upcoming week, heading to Fort Myers, Florida to join Lanny, Mary and Lana for a week of fun and family.  DeeAnn will be staying at the house and tending to all the pet residents.  I’ve told her she is in charge of the Holly Hour updates.  I know there will be stories!