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Holly is two days out from major surgery and starting to show signs of boredom.  She is overestimating her ambitions though because taking a potty break and having a walk around the backyard leads to a long nap.  I am challenged with how to keep her engaged, yet quiet and away from anything that might harm her tender stomach.

Today’s highlight will be hard to match.  Kendra and Brook came over and brought a book – Harry and The Lady Next Door!    Holly, safely in her kennel,  had saucer eyes when those two girls came into the living room and approached the kennel.  I could see the wheels turning in her brain, like they do with me when I see someone in a totally different space from where my brain generally sees the person.  Out of context, I believe is how it is explained.  Once the connection was made, Holly’s tail began to wag and she scratched the kennel floor in hopes of the door opening.  The girls calmed her down and to my amazement, Holly settled in quickly and laid quietly while enjoying her special company.  Brook began to read her book and Holly laid still.  Truly, Holly looked the most relaxed than she had since arriving home from her medical procedure.  Kendra and Brook were the best medicine Holly could have had.  I thanked them repeatedly for their role in helping Holly heal.

We enjoyed some hot cocoa and cookies while visiting, conversation being mostly about our pets and the sweet things they do – Holly listening and sometimes sleeping throughout our visit.   Prior to the girls coming, I had to strongly encourage and physically assist Holly into the kennel.  She enters her soft sided kennel without any reluctance but for some reason the wire caged kennel causes concern for her.   Seeing her relaxed and enjoying her time while in the kennel will ony help minimize her concerns and show her life can be good while in the wire caged box.  Just another bonus to the girls’ visit today.

Holly adores young people and I have limited exposure to any in my day-to-day life.  Today showed me that I will need to be creative and resourceful in finding ways for Holly to have  the types of connections she loves.  She deserves this and indeed it seems as if it is her purpose in life to be with kids.  And if I take it a step further, maybe it is my purpose to fulfill her purpose.  One thing seems certain, everybody will win if their purpose driven life is fulfilled.