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April weather has been the traditional rain, wind and cool air.  Holly is getting stir crazy being in the house more than not which leads to her driving me stir crazy.  We resort back to our winter drills and also have discovered elk antlers that are a big hit.  

Ric and I connected for a breakfast at Sara’s Table.  It’s been awhile and we had plenty to catch up on.  Whether one, four, six or eight months between our visits, Ric & I can pick up with a conversation as if it was yesterday.  Our friendship has a long history that allows for that level of comfort.   Holly & Helen had a short time with Ric outside at the car.  The chilly wind and damp air cut their time short with him.  We’ll make certain there are more.

Kooper was here on Friday.  The weather again being rather miserable and the back yard being a horrid mess.  I relied on car rides to entertain the dogs.  Kooper and Helen were especially excited about the idea, Holly would have preferred playing in the muddy back yard.  I glance over my shoulder and see Kooper resting his head on top of Helen’s head.  Helen was perfectly fine with it, trusting Kooper wholeheartedly and loving that Holly was not involved in anyway.  I thought they would tire and break away but they both just hung there – Kooper resting his head on Helen’s head, both sitting perfectly still and watching the world ahead, so comfortably.   They stayed motionless together long enough for me to get a picture – one reflecting the meaning of friendship better than any words I can put together!