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Holly & Helen had a busy day that started out with a play date with a new friend, Roy!  Karen brought her 4 month old foster puppy, Roy,  over to meet Holly for some socialization and exercise.  Both objectives were accomplished with flying colors!  Holly executed her infamous Holly-Yoga maneuvers and enticed the skeptical Roy into some wrestling and eventual chase games.  Holly was in heaven and in time Roy seemed to be enjoying himself equally as well.  Roy would venture out for a moment of play, then report back to Karen for security and reassurance that she was still in close proximity.  Helen hung out under a lawn chair and played spectator throughout it all, with Roy passing through her tunnel occasionally.  There were some tired pups by the end of the visit, and appreciative Dog Mom’s.  No doubt there will be more Roy days in the future. 

Later in the day, we were all on our way to dog school for Holly’s novice class.  Halfway there Ruby, my car, flashes a notice alerting me that a tire is low.  Since this happened yesterday as well, resolved by adding air – I knew something was likely amiss with the tire.  Yesterday I tried to rationalize that it was due to the 35 degree drop in temperature in such a short period of time.  Not my luck.   While adding air I spotted the screw drilled into the tire.  Bypassing dog school, we went straight to Discount Tire and arrived 45 minutes before closing.  The young man warned me it would be about an hour wait and he was right.  He also was quite excited for the dogs to come inside and hang out in the waiting room, next to his work station.  We may have missed dog school, but Holly & Helen had a great time soaking in attention from employees and customers.  They both were very good,  I was surprised, relieved and proud.  All the work on Sit, Stay, Shake-a-Paw and Down paid off tonight in ways I had not thought about.  Having them “car repair ready” can make an emergent experience far less stressful.