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It’s Christmas time!  Santa made a special trip to both Duluth and the Metro area to visit some special dogs!  Holly had her time with Santa on Saturday, sitting still and looking pretty through the whole session.  Thank you DeeAnn!   Holly couldn’t get through the event without showing her silliness at least once, as captured in the picture showing her puffing her cheeks as if she is blowing kisses out to the crowd.  Getting Holly Dolly all dolled up to see Santa took longer than the visit.  She had her bath and brushing on Friday, as did Helen, with no outdoor activity (except the essentials) until Santa was seen.  

Keeping in the spirit was her sister, Maggie, and cousin, Kooper.   Santa made his way down to the metro area on Sunday and was entertained by these two, along with Anna, Kris and Lana.  As we know, Santa gets around!   It’s fun to track the growth of Holly and Maggie, sisters but not littermates (we have yet to find the term for that relationship).  They are both beautiful dogs and complimenting them is their dear cousin –  the well-mannered, soft hearted chocolate lab – Kooper. 

Seeing Santa is only a beginning to the holiday celebration for Holly!  More to come, Holly Dolly!  After just coming off a birthday, she is getting accustomed to gifts, treats and celebrations, otherwise known as giving, sharing and gratitude – and may it continue into the new year!