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Holly & Keltie met Santa Claus today, while Rainie said hello and casually sat by his side while he tried to manage the excitement of the two puppies.  All of the dogs did awesome considering the factors involved – dog owners, dogs, bright lights, and little kids.  Santa was at the Caddy Shack Golf Center & Pub Bar in West Duluth – a first time for me as well.   I had Holly on a tight lead next to my chair and when another dog would walk by, she would show interest with a bit of a tail wag but when one of the children would walk by she would wag her tail excessively and pull to reach them.  Her love of children is so evident and consistent.

Each of the dogs received a stuffed squeaky animal, Holly’s was a mouse now named Mouse.  So far Mouse has only lost one foot.  

After seeing Santa, Holly was wound up, as was I, so we went for a long walk at Forest Hills Cemetery.  It was a nice early winter day and the ice has melted down so the paths are bare and dry.  We celebrated with a couple extra loops added to the walk.   The excitement of meeting Santa combined with an extra long walk tired Holly as I had hoped.  She rested peacefully for quite sometime on the living room rug, indeed so peacefully that she didn’t even react when Gracie sniffed her up and down, then stepped on her back walking over her to lay down as if spooning with Holly.  Holly laid still with her eyes open, I think not wanting to move and ruin the experience.  Meanwhile I think Gracie was doing it to entice Holly to get up, hoping she would head to the kitchen and get some supper action happening.