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Holly & I made another trip to Home Depot today and once again had a warm reception by multiple employees and customers.  Unexpectedly, especially since we are still in the month of September, Holly also had her first sighting of Santa and a reindeer, both of whom had her sidestepping and hugging the far side of the aisle with head down and eyes staring at the new creature.  I was grateful the couple who observed me talking to Santa and patting the reindeer’s head understood immediately that I was showing Holly there was no need to be fearful.  In time, Holly smelled the reindeer and stood comfortably next to it; but Santa was a tougher sell.  His arms moved and he would sometimes speak, then stop and then start speaking again.  She opted to watch him from a few feet away and left without getting close enough to sniff any part of his clothing or boots.  We’ve got three more months of Santa season, no need to rush it. 

At the checkout lane was a lady purchasing a life size Golden Retriever outdoor statute with a nose that lights up and a Christmas stocking on his head.  I’ve been working diligently on Holly’s pulling, feeling there has been fair success. But once she saw the ‘dog’, her tail was wagging and she took me straight there.  She passed the lady and wanted to approach the dog.  I was holding her back, as best I could, and the lady was trying to pet her – but her focus was on the dog and it wasn’t until she sniffed the plastic nose and saw no signs of playfulness  that Holly decided to ignore the dog and pay heed to the nice lady petting her and the nagging mother pulling her back.  Holly and the holidays is going to be interesting! 

Holly and Keltie continue to amaze DeeAnn & I with their play, and play, and play and ….  Once Holly’s excitability is in check, she is so gentle and tender with Keltie.   Meanwhile, Keltie takes running leaps at Holly and jumps onto her head and body beginning the next round of a wrestling match.  And so it goes, over and over, which explains why Holly totally crashes once Keltie has left the house.   I need to wake her up for her last potty stop, then encourage her up the steps to go to bed.   It’s hard keeping up with the young ones!