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Today I began to wonder if Holly has differentiated weekdays from weekends.  She slept in an extra half hour, much to my delight, but then applied the extra energy to being in high gear nearly all day long.  She skipped her morning nap and delayed her afternoon nap until after supper. She had a car ride, time with Rainie & Helen, another car ride, a long walk, time outside and a bonus visit from Scarlett & Karen.  It took Scarlett’s training session to finally wear her down a bit.

I went to my old walking grounds where Boden & I would often go – in the parking lot behind UHC.   No traffic, no people, no dogs and a wide open space to freely walk and/or run.   Holly found a facemask on the ground and carried it proudly for over a third of our walk.  She thought she was getting away with something but I was happy with her choice, it was far better than many of the other things she chooses to put in her mouth.  We walked on the road separating UHC and Edison School to the mystery building up on the hill.  The building has a glass door front that gave a reflection of us.  Holly stared and stared and stared at the dog in the window, wanting but hesitant to approach her.  I could tell it was befuddling to her.  The dog looked real but looked ghostly too.  She eventually gave up on it and resumed the walk.  These moments remind me of what a puppy she is yet and how the sights, smells and sounds are all so fresh and new to her.

Scarlett & Karen stopped by for a visit.  Both commented on how Holly had grown.  Seeing her everyday it is getting harder for me to see the growth.  It’s fun to hear how other people are amazed and amused by how much bigger she has gotten.  Scarlett worked with Holly on ‘rolling over’.  Holly is getting it, but only if there is a payout guiding her and provided at the end.  The feature picture is from Scarlett.  She captured the essence of Holly’s mood today!

Holly’s Saturday energy surge continues into this evening.  She has just had a zoomie episode circling the living room, dining room, kitchen, upstairs and back down.  I’ve put her outside so she can finish what laps are left in her.  Sometimes I feel like my house is trembling!  People often shake when they laugh hard so I’m going with that.  My house is having a good laugh with Holly here.