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Today Holly had playtime with Rainie, a car ride and two walks but the true highlight occurred late afternoon!  Scarlett sent note and asked if she and her mother could stop by to visit Holly.   Having spontaneous visitors brought a bright spark to my day and it occurred to me – this is what dogs experience each time a visitor is at the door!   All visits are spontaneous to them.  Holly has learned the sound of my Ring doorbell on my phone. If the notification is triggered, Holly is on her way to the door, wagging the tail in advance for whomever is there.  My Ring system is not a flawless program, sometimes a bird, bunny or other mystery object can set it off while other times a person can walk right up the steps without a peep at all.   Wi-fi inconsistencies is my guess, which Holly doesn’t much care about.  But it’s fun for both of us to hear the Ring and a bonus treat when behind the door are delightful people.

Holly was in her own puppy heaven while on the floor with both Scarlett and Karen.  Scarlett put her through the school drill – sit, down, shake a paw.  Holly did well.  However, rolling over was a bit of a dud until Scarlett worked with her on it.  So fun to see the success Scarlett had in teaching Holly to roll over!   Trainer and trainee were proud.  Between Scarlett’s tenderness and Holly’s starry eyed fondness of her, I think Scarlett could have had her doing somersaults and cartwheels by the end of the evening.

Routines are good, and the shake up of routines are good.  Another good Holly-Day!