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The sun has been shining, temps have been going up and green grass has replaced that white stuff that sat there for so long. People are acting different – smiling, taking leisurely walks and having friendly chats even when outside.  It seems even the cats & dogs are feeling more lighthearted these days! Gracie has been racing around the house, timing her strut when she passes near Holly enticing a game of chase.  Just as quick as the the game of chase begins, it ends.  And I’m starting to see tender moments between the two.  Holly’s excitement still gets her in trouble but Gracie’s look (and hiss) is taming her down allowing enough time for the two of them to sit near each other.   There is hope for these two to be friends in more ways than having tease and taunt time.

Helen is settling in to the household.  She has her routine and has adjusted to my routine.  She likes to have her teeth brushed which has created a tandem of dogs in the bathroom both morning and night.  Helen likes to lick the brush, until I use the brush to actually be a brush.  Holly likes to chew the brush, until I use it once again as a brush.  Toothpaste gets used up quickly, I order a surplus of it from Chewy to avoid the catastrophic event of running out.

Both had a bath this week and both have been brushed and had their nails trimmed.  Holly was such a great sport with getting a bath, she walked right into the downstairs shower and waited for me.  Between the mud, wet grass and lake water – she had gotten very dirty and was itching frequently.  I’m hoping a nice warm bath using oatmeal shampoo will help her be more comfortable.  Fingers crossed she doesn’t have allergy issues.

A favorite walk for us is at Forest Hills cemetery.  All of us get what we need and have learned how to manage a good pace with each staying in their respective lanes, most of the time.  It was warm today so we took a short break, stopping at the former owner of my house – Eleanor Bjorklund Andersen.  About 20 years back I found boxes in my attic that belonged to Eleanor & David Bjorklund.  It took some sleuthing but I found her son, who had lived in the house, and was able to return many of the items, photo albums, knit knack, etc back to him.  I learned a lot about Eleanor and felt like I had a bond with her.  Eleanor died at home, in the basement (of my house) from what her son states was a broken heart – her daughter had died of scarlet fever just a few months prior.  When I learned she was buried in Forest Hills, I made a promise to stop by her gravesite periodically and let her know how her home is doing.  So today Holly & Helen rested for abit and were introduced to Eleanor, while I updated her about the house.  

My neighbor, Diane, suggested that we bury an electric fenceline combining our two yards, allowing Holly to roam and run in either yard.  Holly would love that! But I look at Diane’s flower gardens, John’s vegetable gardens and the cute yard ornaments decorating their yard – all prime playground material for Holly.   Holly is the reason I only have one garden – a raised herb garden that stands about 4 feet tall and sits in the side pen away from Holly’s line of sight.  It’s a sweet thought though that my neighbors are advocating for including Holly inside their yard instead of keeping her out of it.