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Spring is off to a slow start.  The temps are leaning towards mild winter but the backyard is at pace with spring messiness.  Holly is adjusting to the lack of snow and finding the soft puddly grass and mud to be a fine alternative.   Wiping paws at the backdoor has gotten to be an interesting routine.  I have discovered a new infield drill for ball players to sharpen their reflexes and hand/eye coordination. While standing in a doorframe, place a muddy puppy on one side and a taunting cat on the other with expectation that all four paws & belly are toweled down plus the dirty towel stays in your possession before puppy goes by you.  A toweling down only goes so far before a full fledged bath is necessary.  Holly has outgrown the laundry tub.  What I needed was a hand held sprayer in the basement shower.  So Holly & I made a trip to Home Depot and found just that.  She again drew some attention from clerks and customers.  She got a bit squirrelly at the self-serve checkout so a lady came to my rescue so I could finish paying.

After my amateur installation, Holly had her first bath in the basement shower stall.  It started out rough when I let go of the sprayer to hold her still allowing the sprayer to squirt her directly in the face.  Once I got that corrected and said my apologies, we got back on track again.   She did quite well.  After having a good rubdown with the drying towel, she had an energy surge and did zoomies around the basement, up the steps, back down the steps finally stopping on the landing – all while carrying my wet dirty sock.  It gave me time to clean up the basement.  Since then I was putzing in the shower and she tried to walk right in to the stall.   A good sign that the next bath will go fairly well also. 

DeeAnn did another round of wingy-wingy with Holly.  The picture will show how challenging it is getting to be.  Holly just loves it still.  She has no objections to being lifted into position and seems to melt right into DeeAnn’s legs.  When DeeAnn swings her up & down, she lays fully relaxed and her ears and paws flap up and down often in sync.

Holly has become a ball dog.  She likes the frisbee’s too but at this point in time, her first love is a ball.  She chases, carries and chews them.  She has a signature stamp to her tennis balls such that hers would be easy to pick out from a bunch.  (See picture below!)

What better treat after a big time bath than a Dairy Queen!  So the day ended with a trip to the DQ for my first ice cream cone of the season and Holly’s first DQ pup cup!  A nice way to hurry the season along.