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I was on an adventure and recruited Lana & Kooper for pet care services, inclusive of blog update!    I can’t thank her enough for her stepping up and always being there for me and my pets.  I am blessed, and it sure didn’t take long for Holly to feel the same as I!   Below is Lana Marie Brown’s entry. 

Thursday evening was “Slumber Pawty” time for Holly and Gracie!  Holly patiently waited in her kennel while Gracie met me at the back door.  As I went downstairs to let Holly out I heard a tail hitting the kennel and noticed the kennel was rocking from her excitement. I unzipped her kennel as quickly as I could and out came Holly Dolly! She was running circles around me until she realized that Kooper Dash wasn’t by my side. She ran upstairs to the backdoor and waited for me to catch up. On went her leash and outside we went. She was beyond excited to see cousin Kooper! They greeted each other as they always do and then the fun began. Kooper made sure the backyard was safe from all other critters while Holly followed him on her leash. Then Holly decided it was ball time. Her and I played ball for a very long time. Long enough that we both were panting from the warm sun beating down on us and from all of the fun we were having. Kooper was still patrolling the backyard and air space for us! 

Next it was time for dinner. But first I was able to experience putting a diaper on Holly! She was so good about it and so proud once we accomplished it. The most difficult part was getting her tail in the hole…that tail didn’t stop wagging from the excitement of knowing Kooper was at her house. Holly, Kooper and Gracie all ate their dinners very well. By now I was exhausted and ready to unwind but the fur babies had other ideas. Gracie sat on her window bed and watched the craziness that had entered her home. Holly was determined to play with an inside ball. Kooper was ready to just chill. And I was ready to eat and relax after a long day at work. So we compromised. The pups played for a few while I ate then we turned on the MN Twins game and laid on the floor together. Kooper on my left just relaxing and watching TV and Holly on my right ready to play ball. My left hand was petting a dog while my right hand was continually throwing a ball. I was able to relax, watch the Twins win and be with three amazing fur babies!

Eventually it was time for bed…our “Slumber Pawty”! I was told that Holly typically lays on the floor or on her bed. So we go upstairs to get ready for bed and I walk into the room to find two dogs on my bed! They were both so happy and proud of themselves. I just embraced it and snuggled right in. Holly did move to the floor but decided every hour or so that she would come check on me! I’m not sure where Gracie slept but she was smart and probably found a spot larger than I ended up with. There was a decent storm that night but all three fur babies did very well.

We were up nice and early so everyone could eat breakfast and have some play time before I had to head to work. The pups kenneled up in separate kennels in the basement prior to my departure. Both of them listened so well and deservingly received treats. Steve Clasen was kind enough to stop by on Friday and let them out during the day. I know both pups enjoyed his visit. Holly and Gracie’s mom returned home before I was done with work. From what I heard, Kooper was very excited to see his Auntie Robin. I’m sure Holly was happy to see her mom but she was probably more excited to play with Kooper and chase her ball!

The next time Holly and Gracie’s mom goes away for a few days we will have to continue our “Slumber Pawty” adventures. Holly’s energetic and fun loving personality along with Kooper’s easy going and laid back personality is priceless when it’s combined. The energy and love that they share with each other and with others is so uplifting and motivating. They both live life to the fullest. Spending time with Holly, Gracie and Kooper and having a “Slumber Pawty” was so meaningful and memorable. Stay tuned for our next “Slumber Pawty” adventures…

Holly Dolly, Gracie, Kooper Dash and Lana