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When life grows cold, a dog will warm your soul.   Angie Weland Crosby

I ended my last blog talking about Holly’s intestinal distress not knowing I would be starting my next talking about my own.  Saturday morning I had my appendix taken out so I have been off the radar with blogging.   Back on track now, at a tad slower pace but the slowness is in forward motion.  Holly was with DeeAnn & Rainie during my hospital stay, and she was kept busy keeping up with the events and happening of two homes!  

Holly has apparently passed the test with Rainie!  The two of them now play together – Rainie beeming with pride and Holly in a glow because Rainie, who is the center of universe in her eyes, likes her!  Watching them play together provides DeeAnn and I all the entertainment we need for an evening.

Today has been a heavy snow day, with more of the same slated for tomorrow.   Holly & I walked through snowbanks today and met our neighbors, Dave & Lisa.   I’m certain this summer will allow for more chances to interact with them over the backyard fence.  By the greetings exchanged today, I know it will be fun!

Holly & I had a surprise visit from my dear friend, Kristie!  It was Holly & Kristie’s first meeting and plenty more smiles shared.  These two will have plenty of experiences together and it will be fun to see the progression of pictures to show it!

Holly has been so patient and gentle with me during my recovery days at home.  I think she would prefer the playful, busy schedule we had before but seems just as content with a slower pace and more rest breaks.  And her & I both are learning, it’s good to be flexible and learn how to make adjustments in life.