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Today was a day of winter fun!  Lana & Kooper came down and joined DeeAnn, Rainie, Keltie, Holly and myself for some fun in the snow, specifically a visit to Lester Park Golf Course for a snowshoe excursion.   The temps had warmed up to the mid-teens, the winds had calmed down and the sun was high in the sky, just a gorgeous day to be out.   All the dogs did awesome and played like they were in their own heaven.  Holly & Keltie were on long leads which made for a few tangles around legs and snowshoes but nothing we couldn’t get resolved.   Holly had her jacket on but it was apparent to me that with all her sliding and nose diving into the snow she really, really wanted to experience a snow bath on this beautiful day.  So the jacket came off and she slid and shimmied through the snow, sometimes burying her face down under.  It’s hard to tell if she has a favorite season – her swimming in water vs her sliding through snow are a pretty even match.

On the way home we made a stop at Matilda’s Dog Bakery, much to the benefit of the dogs!  Lana stumbled, literally, upon a toy turtle and with closer inspection we noticed the toy was named Holly the Turtle.  Well, say no more, of course I had to get it for Holly Dolly.  Holly the Turtle has become Holly’s dolly!  She has been carrying Holly Dolly Turtle around and avoiding my reach, wanting all the love to be with her and only her for this initial introduction.   Everyone loves to get something special that makes you feel special – Holly scored today!  I think we all did!

Lana is our photographer!  Thanks to her we have some awesome photos that captures our day!