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The calendar says it is spring but best not ask any Duluthian about that right now.  We’ve had a few more rounds of snow, rain, wind and the new buzz word – wintry mix.  It’s official – 2022/2023 Winter is the snowiest ever recorded, a 100+ year span.   The good news is that with the few warm days we had the snow in my backyard melted down far enough that the fence is a fence again. Holly can no longer step over it, nor clear it with a jump.  Life is good!

DeeAnn & I have been taking all the dogs to the surrounding softball fields at Wade Stadium for a good run.  And it is a good run for them.  All of them race and run,  exploring and extending the limits until we call them back or a fenceline stops them.  There is mud, snow, water, grass – a dirty wintry mix – but we let them run themselves silly.  Running silly through a field eventually leads to a bath.

Today was spa day at the house for Holly & Helen.  Nails trimmed, bath, brushing and posing for pictures!  And a few treats throughout the pampering.   Holly had her bath in the basement shower.  She handled it fairly well, stood like a nightstand through the whole thing, forcing me to turn her around like one – slide the legs a half turn, rinse, slide the legs a half turn, rinse.  But she stayed.  She did not try to bolt past me like she had once before.  I guess my full body tackle and throwback into the shower left an imprint in her little mind.  Helen was easy.  I plunked her in the basement laundry sink, she didn’t move a muscle.  I suspect she has had her share of baths in Tessie’s laundry sink as well.  She loved her towel rub down and afterwards joined Holly for a quick burst of zoomies in the basement.  

For now, both Holly & Helen are clean and super soft, and look so beautiful.  They must feel it too.  When it came time for the after-spa photos, they were both compliant with getting into position, posing and looking proud while I snapped the photo.   This will all be undone with the next extended trip outside, but for now – they are pretty girls!  Enjoy the moment!