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Our friend, Steve, spent the day at the cabin with us celebrating his birthday.  Though weather didn’t allow us to take the pontoon out, we were able to play with our fishing gear and get some casts out.  Rainie is already a bobber hound and judging by Holly’s first experience today, she is destined to be one as well.  Holly is getting more comfortable in the water, at one point going into the water by herself just for a swim (or she may have been taking a lap to see if she could find the bobber she had been obsessively staring at).

The day was a relaxing time with fine food and company.  Once again Rainie did an amazing job of training Holly to stay in the yard.  Holly is a busy body that doesn’t slow down for long, but today she was generally always within sight and engaged with us.   This evening she is content and peacefully sleeping – dreaming about a day every puppy should have.