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We are nearly to the midway mark of December and are seeing frozen brown ground with just a dusting of snow!   Holly may love the snow but she also loves her car rides and runs at the field.  She’s been getting plenty of both this month.

Kooper visited us for a day, our bonus day!  That day had to include a car ride and some backyard fun, as well as indoor fun.  Holly & Kooper play nicely in the house.  They confine themselves to the round rug for a challenge match of tug, occasionally breaking into some mouth wrestling.   It’s fascinating to hear the vocals coming from both, expecially Holly.  Neither of these two have a mean bone in their body so when they wrestle together they make this feint attempt to sound vicious. End result is they sound like baby seals playing in a pool.

Holly and Helen are logging a lot of miles these days.  It’s only a matter of time and roads will be covered with ice & snow – it’s a ‘make hay while the sunshines’ feeling for me.   Helen generally makes a nest in one of the blankets in the back seat, popping up when the car starts.  Holly, however, has turned into a co-pilot.  She parks herself over my shoulder and stares at the road and surroundings.   She’s even figured out  the balancing lean when I go around corners.  When a favorite frequent sighting is spotted, her excitement escalates and she cannot wait for the car to be parked.  These spots include – DeeAnn’s house, the ball field, the cemetery, Home Depot, PetSmart, PetCo and the 27th Ave W exit (which typically leads to DeeAnn’s house and/or the ball field).  On occasion I have driven past my alley to return to Mt Royal for some forgotten errand, only to see Holly do a quick head turn looking at the road I missed, then swinging her eyes my way to assess if I am still a safe driver.

Both Holly & Helen have been watching me wrap gifts.  Every once in awhile I give what I am wrapping a little squeeze creating a squeaky sound – and watch the reaction.  Cruel, but cute.  I consider it a trailer to the good movie yet to come for them!  Holly is thoroughly enjoying the new toys she has been graced with already this holiday season.  And most (not all) of them still have stuffing and moving parts!  The maturity is slowly appearing, she’s turned two!