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This past week Duluth had a significant amount of snowfall, about 22 inches, the 8th highest snowfall amount in history.  DeeAnn was still fresh out of knee surgery and had the misfortune of  getting the RSV virus, she was not in any shape to be home alone during a major snowstorm.  DeeAnn and dogs came to stay with Holly, Gracie and I.   Holly and Keltie thought it was the greatest idea in the world.  And so did I.

About Day 2 of the storm we heard a loud clunking sound coming from the kitchen area.  Just outside the kitchen door, on the back porch rested a large tree branch entangled with the power line.  The house still had power but there was no leaving through the back door and no playing in the fresh snow in the backyard for the dogs.  Try explaining that to a 1 year old Golden and 5 month old Border Collie.

Today MN Power came and reattached the power line to my house.  When I let Holly into the yard, she ran circles and loops and figure eights – she was so happy to be in her home court.  Then she helped me drag branches.  You can probably visualize the degree of help she gave, but I let her put those branches anywhere she wanted.  She deserved it.

Suddenly the storm doesn’t feel that awful anymore.  Holly has her backyard back.  And I can get my car out.  Life is back in good order and humming again.