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DeeAnn & I, along with Holly, Rainie & Keltie, packed up and took a mini-adventure to Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota.  Helen did a respite stay with Georgette & Tom.  We came across an Airbnb home that touted themselves as pet friendly.  When I inquired if pet friendly allowed for three dogs, they didn’t even blink – but they did point out that the home was a tiny home with limited space.   This time, it was us who didn’t blink – the tiny home was about the same size as DeeAnn’s cabin!  The dogs are accustomed to tiny homes and tiny home rules!

Inside Holly & Keltie had an area rug to mouth wrestle on and there was a pull out couch large enough to hold three resting dogs or two wrestling dogs. The outdoor area had a large open space, perfect for frisbee tossing.  There was distance from both the road and the neighbor, with just enough trees to define the property boundaries.   We felt we had scored big time with our choice of lodging and the dogs couldn’t agree more.  Space was tight inside but it kept the dogs civil and kept us with a sense of control over excess dog hair and dirt.

We did a nostalgia tour through Moose Lake, Minnesota where I spent a fair amount of time when my mother lived there.  For a dog run, I took the dogs to the Riverside Cemetery on the outskirts of town.  Years ago, I would take Boden there for a walk and ‘out of the car’ stretch.  I was amazed at how small the cemetery felt – appartently having three dogs race around freely shrinks the feel of the same space enjoyed by one dog on a long line leash.   The dogs didn’t mind and had fun dodging and darting around the grounds.

Kooper was here on Friday and both he and Holly had extra excitement in the morning watching the tow truck haul DeeAnn’s Honda Element away.  DeeAnn had hit a deer Thursday evening on her way over to my house, coming across Arrowhead Road.  Fortunately, neither she nor the dogs were hurt.  The deer cannot claim the same, the poor little confused soul did not survive her impulsive burst across the road that ended with hitting the front side of DeeAnn’s car.  The tow truck driver was as excited in seeing the dogs as they were with him.  Loading the Element on the flatbed took about 5 minutes; chatting about dogs took 15 minutes.    He drove away with a smile on his face.  That’s all it took to help me feel like the car is in competent hands and will be all spiffed up and in working order for DeeAnn sometime soon!   If petworthy, then trustworthy!